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With Love From Paris ~ Rosewater Meringue Kisses ♡

Spring has almost sprung and the March Hare is bopping and bouncing in the sweet sunshine...  🌸🐇🌸 Nothing pleases me more than when the days become brighter, cherry blossom flutters along the branches of the trees and the scent of hot cross buns fills my kitchen. Today's delectable delights are a set of rosewater meringue… Continue reading With Love From Paris ~ Rosewater Meringue Kisses ♡

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Sugar Plum Treats ~ Coconut & Raspberry Ice Squares ♡

Hello my peppermint pixies! If you're in need of a sweet mid-week treat, you will love today's recipe! In Sunday's blog post I discussed how I have recently ventured into the art of sweet making. This was primarily inspired by The Nutcracker and the Four Realms; in the film we are invited to Sugar Plum's realm of sweets! With her… Continue reading Sugar Plum Treats ~ Coconut & Raspberry Ice Squares ♡

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Peach and Strawberry Frangipane Tart ♡

Hello my frosted fairies! As the season gradually comes to a close, I thought that it would be prudent to make the most of the delectable fruits that summer has to offer. Today's recipe was created by my lovely friend and fellow baker, Verity. Her blog showcases a splendiferous array of home-baked goods which are… Continue reading Peach and Strawberry Frangipane Tart ♡

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Fluffy and Floral Strawberry Cream Puffs ♡

Hello my frosted fairies! Summer is very near and I'm looking forward to what the next few months have to offer. This Sunday's delectable bakes are a set of strawberry cream puffs, aka the crème de la crème of Parisian patisserie. Whether they're in a delightful fruit tart or dipped in champagne, strawberries are the perfect… Continue reading Fluffy and Floral Strawberry Cream Puffs ♡

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Rose and Strawberry Meringues ♡

Hello my frosted fairies! I hope you have had a magical week filled with sunshine. Summer is just around the corner and I'm so excited for the reemergence of peonies, Wimbledon 2018, the scent of rose lemonade, laying in the grass amongst the daisies, the feeling of wearing tea-dresses on warm evenings and carrying adorable… Continue reading Rose and Strawberry Meringues ♡

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Tea-time Treats ~ Fondant Fancies ♡

Hello my frosted fairies! It feels as though a baking post is well over due. Recently I've found that I don't have as much time to bake as I would like. This is partly due to my perfectionism. I can't bake, take pictures of my creations and then write a blog post if it's not exactly the… Continue reading Tea-time Treats ~ Fondant Fancies ♡

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Lemon Drizzle Cake ♡

Hello my frosted fairies. As the January blues settle upon us, we must dust off our aprons, grab our recipe books and try to scare them away with delicious treats that warm our little noses and toes and bring smiles of delight to those around us! Yes, January is definitely a month of disarray. Whether you're… Continue reading Lemon Drizzle Cake ♡

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“Who Stole the Jam Hearts?” ~ Strawberry Jam Love-Heart Biscuits ♡

"In the very middle of the court was a table, with a large dish of tarts upon it: they looked so good, that it made Alice quite hungry to look at them—'I wish they'd get the trial done,' she thought, 'and hand round the refreshments!' But there seemed to be no chance of this, so… Continue reading “Who Stole the Jam Hearts?” ~ Strawberry Jam Love-Heart Biscuits ♡