About ♡

Hello my frosted fairies! Welcome to my wondrous corner of the blogger world where scrumptious, dainty treats are in abundance and angel cakes sparkle and gleam before your very eyes! I thought it would only be fair to cast a smidgen of light on my baking story and how my blog came to be. Make sure to get cosy, grab yourself a cuppa and your favourite treat! (maybe a delicate, ballerina pink macaron or a scrummy piece of Victoria sponge cake, oozing with strawberry jam and cream!)

My name is Sophie and I am an English Literature student with a penchant for baking, anything pink, fawns, all-things Disney, Audrey Hepburn and ballet! For as long as I can remember, baking has played a significant part in my life and particularly, my childhood. I can recall afternoons spent in my family’s dinky kitchen; at age five I was helping my mum hand mix (with a wooden spoon of course, there were no pastel pink Kitchen Aid mixer’s to assist us!) the cake batter into a fluffy, milky white consistency. I always tried my best to place each spoonful of mixture into the delicate cupcake cases but somehow half the batter always seemed to end splattered over the kitchen work top or in my mouth (I think the latter occurred more often than the former ~ who can resist cake mixture? It’s not just me, right…?) The fondest memories return when I ponder over my youth and baking. Nevertheless, due to a number of personal struggles my love for baking slowly fizzled out. I could no longer enjoy the process or allow myself to indulge in the marvellous creations I had produced. Yet I am determined to get my ‘baking spark’ back and this blog should form the pathway to doing so. I definitely don’t concede to being on par with Mary Berry but whether you are an avid baker yourself or enjoy settling down with a slab of buttery flapjack to watch the Bake Off every Tuesday evening, my hope is that each lovely ginger snap who returns to my blog finds something magical in baking! I also hope that if your passion for baking has waned or wandered slightly like mine, that this blog can return you to seeing the kitchen as a place for imagination, fun and creativity!

Have your rolling pins and floral pinafores at the ready and be prepared to bake! Goodbye cupcakes, I hope to see you again!

P.S I hope this page leaves you with a trinkle of faith, trust and pixie dust! ♡