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As Soft As Candyfloss ~ SLMissGlam Pink Princess Brush Book ♡

“You can achieve angel kissed skin with the softest brushes in all the land. With the swirl of the brush that flutters like fairy wings, you will feel as though clouds of candy floss have your graced skin…” ♡

I have always dreamed of owning a set of pretty pink brushes fit for a princess. Applying my makeup each day is a blissful ritual and the SLMissGlam brush books are the perfect addition to my routine. I also adore how they rest elegantly on my vanity table ~ trés chic!

Whitagram-Image 31

I have been following Stephanie for quite a few years and I love her pink content with all my heart. She works so hard on her business and creates brushes in an array of whimsical designs to suit any style! Aside from pretty pastel shades, you can even find brushes adorned with cute unicorns, coffee lattes and mermaid princesses!

Whitagram-Image 30

At the beginning of the year I couldn’t believe my luck when I discovered I had won Stephanie’s entire brush collection! In the past I have entered giveaways and been unlucky so I felt very blessed upon hearing I had won.

Whitagram-Image 53

I have been meaning to create this little showcase of my favourite brush book but it was so difficult to decide which one!

Whitagram-Image 48

The Pink Princess Brush Book ♡

Whitagram-Image 50

This is the perfect brush book for any real life princess. Inside this you will find 25 essential beauty brushes; including 5 new styles which aren’t in other sets. The gold ferrule is adorned with miniature pink gems that add an extra touch of glam ~ Stephanie’s signature detail!

Whitagram-Image 28

Whitagram-Image 43

Whitagram-Image 38

The unicorn-inspired handles in a candy pink shade are so whimsical and will make you feel like a Disney princess whilst you use them! They have an added glossy finish which makes them sparkle and shine.

Whitagram-Image 51

Each brush is cruelty free and made from synthetic hairs (so no beautiful bunnies were harmed!) They’re as soft as candy floss clouds and presented in a baby pink marshmallow shade. Everything arrived in Stephanie’s signature fairytale packaging which is inscribed with pretty phrases such as “Unicorn Love” and “Princess vibes have arrived.”

Whitagram-Image 37

 The top of each section of the brush book is adorned with a gold cursive script with quotes like “Sweet Sugar”, “Sparkle Everyday” and “You Had Me At Coco.”  This is so sweet because whilst you apply your makeup you can be filled with happy thoughts that will lift your spirit!

Whitagram-Image 41

Whitagram-Image 34

Inside the Pink Princess Brush Book you receive a wondrous array of 25 brushes which includes…

🌸 PP01 Classic Powder

🌸 PP02 Precise Powder

🌸 PP03 Fluffy Powder

🌸 PP04 Tapered Highlight

🌸 PP05 Angled Blush

🌸 PP06 Tapered Blush

🌸 PP07 Small Fan Brush *NEW

🌸 PP08 Medium Contour

🌸 PP09 Stippling Face

🌸 PP10 Expert Face

🌸 PP11 Full Foundation

🌸 PP12 Flat Top Foundation

🌸 PP13 3D Foundatin Brush *NEW

🌸 PP14 Round Concealer Brush *NEW

🌸 PP15 Eyeshadow

🌸 PP17 Small Highlight Brush *NEW

🌸 PP18 Fluffy Crease

🌸 PP19 Fluffy Eyeshading

🌸 PP20 Angled Eye

🌸 PP21 Large Fluff

🌸 PP22 Fluffy Deluxe

🌸 PP24 Eye Blending

🌸 PP26 Small Angled Eye

🌸 PP27 Small Stippling Face *NEW

🌸 PP30 Fan Highlight

Whitagram-Image 31

This darling set of brushes truly make my heart happy and I hope I have inspired you to purchase a set? If brushes aren’t on your wish list, Stephanie has also recently released a glam travel jewellery case which I’m in love with – I’m definitely adding it to my Christmas list. If you’re worried about shipping costs, Stephanie actually has many of her sets discounted at the moment which is wonderful – including the brushes I shared in this post.

I’m wishing you a whimsical week filled with cute candy canes and gingerbread lattes,

lots of love,

from Sophie Bethany Rose xo

6 thoughts on “As Soft As Candyfloss ~ SLMissGlam Pink Princess Brush Book ♡”

  1. Oh how darling! These look so cute my lovey! Stephanie has such amazing taste! As do you Princess! Wishing you a lovely week filled with happiness, fuzzy scarves and hot chocolate adorned with cream, marshmallows and sprinkles!💖💖💖🩰🩰🩰🤍🤍🤍

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