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“Blossom Bunnies & Chirping Chicks” ~ A Pastel Pink Easter at Peggy Porschen ♡

Hello my frosted fairies! My birthday weekend in London was truly wonderful and I have so many delightful moments to share with you.

It was a trip I shall never forget; from seeing my favourite ballerina perform in The Royal Ballet’s production of ‘Romeo & Juliet’, shopping at Dior and purchasing my first piece of couture, to going for tea and macarons at Ladurée and seeing the whimsical ‘Dior: Designer of Dreams’ exhibition at the V&A, everything was magical.


During my trip I visited Peggy Porschen, the prettiest pink café in all of Belgravia, for the very first time! It is every girly-girls dream come true and each season it presents itself with a new dreamy display of treats and matching fairytale interiors. I have a penchant for pastel pink so I adore the fact that the parlour is painted in a bubblegum pink shade. Although their Christmas collection with frosted cupcakes, shimmering hot chocolates and sweet snowmen sugar cookies, is one of my favourites, I also love their annual Easter collection!


Spring is my most treasured season and when I saw their ‘Blossom Bunny & Chirping Chicks’ range, I instantly fell in love!


Peggy’s have us hopping into the sweetest season with a cute collection of springtime treats! The parlour’s exterior was as dreamlike and wondrous as you can imagine. The store is coated in a soft petal pink that stands out amongst the dreary shops which surround it.


Cascading beneath the sign ‘Peggy Porschen Cakes’ was a floating display of pink cherry blossom that looked as though it had been plucked from one of Japan’s dainty sakura trees.


Dotted around the front of the shop windows were little white bunny rabbits, nestled amongst the flowers.


Their little ears stood up, they had a glittery sheen on their coats and a silky pink ribbon around their necks.



“All in the golden afternoon, full leisurely we glide; for both our oars, with little skill, by little arms are plied, while little hands make vain pretence our wanderings to guide…” ♡






At either side of the grand shop windows were stunning wreaths laden with pink blossoms and pastel easter eggs.





Stepping Into Wonderland… ♡




Inside the parlour we uncovered displays adorned with pink speckled mini egg nests and sugar cookies which were placed in pink boxes and tied with soft pink bows…


Inside gleaming glass cabinets were delectable cakes which included their ‘Easter Bunny’ strawberry, rhubarb and custard cupcakes.



Lining each shelf were an assortment of pastel confectionary and sweet jars filled with sprinkles ~ my favourites are the candy coloured meringue kisses tied with pink bows!







Delicate flower walls, crystal chandeliers and pink and white candy-stripe boxes decorated each section of the parlour and I felt as though I had been whisked away to a pastel wonderland…










The fresh bouquets of peonies and white bunny decor were too sweet for words… I couldn’t believe the cuteness surrounding me!





Springtime Treats ~ Cupcakes & Rose Petal Tea♡


For my first visit I decided to try something seasonal so I selected the sweet ‘Lemon and Carrot Cupcake.’


Presented in a rose gold case, the sponge was moist and a true delight! It was flavoured with a soft cinnamon sponge, raisins and carrot shavings and topped with a swirl of lemon buttercream which was decorated with pink sugar sprinkles and a carrot sugar decoration.


To accompany my cupcake I selected their rose tea which had delicate, floral notes.




My mother decided to indulge in a slice of their ‘Glorious Victoria’ layer cake; this moist sponge is coated with raspberry jam and a creamy vanilla buttercream!




I also adore the fact that we had tea cups and plates in matching pastel pink shade.


My mother’s cappuccino was topped with the sweetest love heart print! I love how they appreciate every detail…


Think Pink ~ My Sweet Style ♡



Although we visited in April, it was still very blustery and cold so I decided to wrap up in my pink bow cashmere jumper and pink scalloped skirt from Ted Baker, my white tights, pink ballet flats and Miss Selfridge dolly coat which makes me feel like a fluffy marshmallow.


I decided to bring my Rammira ruffle backpack with me which I discuss in detail in this blog post.





I really hope you enjoyed this post fairy cakes! I had so much fun writing about my experience at the café and over the next few weeks I’ll be sharing more content from my trip to London. I’d love to know if you have visited Peggy Porschen before and if you have a favourite treat from their parlour 🌸🍰🌸

I’m sending you my best wishes and meringue kisses!

Lots of love,



8 thoughts on ““Blossom Bunnies & Chirping Chicks” ~ A Pastel Pink Easter at Peggy Porschen ♡”

  1. This is such a pretty post darling, I have never been to Peggy Porschen but it is definetely something I would like to do. The sugar cookies and cupcakes look delightful though, what is your favourite treat? You are so lucky, that sounds like a lovely weekend. The Dior exhibition reminds me of an exhibition I visited a couple of years ago about Diana’s dresses which was also excellent. 🌸🎀xxx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Dear Tilly, you are so kind! You must visit Peggy’s one day if you can. I’ve been dreaming of it for years and now I can’t believe I finally went 🌸🍰🌸My favourite treat would have to be macarons! 🍥💕☁️ I wish I could relive the Dior exhibit ~ it was wonderful ~ I don’t know if you’ve seen/read the post I dedicated to it…? https://frostingfairy.wordpress.com/2019/05/25/lucky-stars-haute-couture-christian-dior-designer-of-dreams-exhibition-%E2%99%A1/ xox


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