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How To Have A Hoppy Easter ♡

Hoppy Easter little lambs! One of my favourite celebrations has finally arrived and I thought I would share some of my favourite things to do on the sweetest day of the year.


Whether you decorate your bedroom with pastel decor or bake a batch of mini egg cupcakes, there are so many ways to have the hoppiest Easter!


Sweet Spring Scents ♡


Lighting a candle that smells like freshly baked Easter treats or a spring meadow, is one of my favourite things to do. Scented candles make the atmosphere feel light during the day and cosy on a rainy afternoon.


Yankee Candle always release the most wondrous Easter collections and my favourite is their ‘Bunny Cake’ candle. I adore this scent because it reminds me of warm vanilla cupcakes iced with sugary, coconut frosting. Unfortunately, the candle is limited edition and very difficult to find. Nevertheless, I was so pleased to see the release of their Sunday Brunch range earlier this year. This limited edition collection has the dreamiest assortment of candles that you could ever imagine! I was spoilt for choice with fragrances such as ‘Floral Candy’, ‘Sweet Morning Rose’ and ‘Belgian Waffles’. However, I decided to purchase their ‘Blush Bouquet’ candle. With notes of cherry blossom, pink peony, lily and sweet pea, this candle combines everything I adore! I finally decided to light it a few weeks ago and my bedroom was transformed into a fresh spring day when the cherry trees have blossomed.

Blooming Bouquets 


Treating yourself to a bouquet of seasonal flowers is a wonderful piece of self-care. I’m most at peace when surrounded by vibrantly beautiful blooms. I’m patiently waiting for the peonies to emerge in the shops but I also have a penchant for daffodils and tulips. Placing them in the centre of the table during Easter Brunch is guaranteed to brighten someones day. You could also arrange them in a vase and tie them with a soft pink ribbon for that added touch of girlyness.

Easter Egg Hunts & Cosy Afternoons


Each year Lindt release the loveliest Easter eggs! Their ‘Strawberries and Cream’ egg  would be the perfect reward at the end of an Easter egg hunt. It has a white chocolate shell and comes with a set of milky strawberries and cream truffles. I can imagine lighting my ‘Blush Bouquet’ candlecurling up with my fluffy pom-pom throw, a mini egg cupcake and a piece of this dreamy chocolate on a sunny afternoon.

Pastel Easter Decor ♡


In March I couldn’t resist purchasing some darling decor to brighten up my bedroom. My heart melted when I saw the Homesense Easter collection. There were so many pretty pieces to choose from but I decided to get the bunny ear cookie jar, white rabbit ornament and ballerina bunny plush.


The white rabbit is placed inside a pastel pink Easter egg; I thought this was the sweetest detail as it mirrors how a baby chick would emerge from its shell! I’m currently using the bunny cookie jar as a place to store my cotton wool pads ~ how adorable?


My ballerina bunny is dressed in a white tulle skirt adorned with pink bows and beautiful floral buds are placed between her ears. She reminds me of one of the characters from the children’s book I’m currently writing; so every time I see her she inspires me to write!


If you’re able to, I think it’s a great idea to switch up your bedroom decor when a new season arrives. It’s a little change that can help prompt some spring cleaning!

Easter Wreath-Making and Pastel Egg Painting 

There are so many fun activities you could partake in this Easter. You could make your own wreath and decorate it with little lambs, baby bunnies, chirping chicks and tie it with a baby pink bow! Painting eggs is very simple and requires minimal effort; you could dye them in different pastel shades, decorate them with pretty floral designs and place them in a wicker basket for a loved one alongside mini egg nest cakes, Malteaster bunnies and lemon fondant fancies.

Fluffy Marshmallows & Bouncing Bunny Mugs♡


Sometimes we can’t avoid a few April showers and the best way to combat this is with a sweet drink! You can’t go wrong with a hot chocolate topped with the fluffiest marshmallows, whipped cream and rainbow sprinkles! I recently purchased this white rabbit mug from Waitrose and it is too cute for words. If you want to try a more seasonal drink, you could try making a creme egg hot chocolate or a mini egg milkshake  ~ both sound delicious!

Eggscellent Easter Treats ♡



As you may already know, baking is one of my favourite hobbies and each year I like to create my own array of Easter delights.

Mini Egg Cupcakes♡




I made a set of these mini egg cupcakes last year but this time I decided to add lemon to the frosting and a few blossom sugar flowers alongside the pastel mini eggs. I adore the scent of Cadbury’s Mini Eggs and I wish someone would create a perfume or bath bomb inspired by the scent.




Mini Egg Meringue Nests♡



This next bake is so simple and easy to re-create! Meringue is one of my favourite things to whip up because I find the end result so pretty. I followed this recipe to create the meringue nests and for the frosting I used the method in my cupcake recipe. All you need is two egg whites, sugar, mini eggs, lemon frosting and voila! You have made the dreamiest Easter treat.

Cute Easter Wallpaper 

A few weeks ago I created a spring activity list and said I would share some cute Easter wallpapers.

You can save these onto your Pinterest boards or set them as your phone backgrounds ~ I’d love to know what your favourite one is!

Soft Fluttering Cherry Blossom


There’s nothing I appreciate more than taking a slow walk on a spring day and spending some time gazing at the cherry blossom as it floats and flutters.




I took these photos on a recent walk in the park with my dad; I fell in love with the soft pink shade and I think they resemble little clouds of fluffy candy floss.

I hope you enjoyed this post blossom bunnies! I’d love to know what your plans are this Easter? If you have any favourite springtime treats or traditions, feel free to share them in the comment section below


Lots of love,



15 thoughts on “How To Have A Hoppy Easter ♡”

  1. Wonderful ideas princess, I did some Easter baking yesterday and the end result was delicious! I adore Lindt strawberries and cream Easter eggs ( partially to do with the dreamy pink dress packaging 🌷🙈🌸) and Easter decor is the sweetest. I love anything in pastel colours especially pink of course! 🎀🦢 I must visit Waitrose to purchase that mug. Your pictures of cherry blossom are amazing, you are very talented 🐰🌸 thank you for sharing this beautiful a post 🌷🦢xxx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hello Tilly! I’d love to know what you made? The strawberries and cream combo is perfection 🍓🍥 and I adore Easter decor too! I think I’m going to keep mine out until Autumn/Winter because it makes me so happy 🎀🐣 I hope you find the bunny mug, if they’re still selling it? and thank you for the compliments on my cherry blossom photos ~ I felt very pleased with them 🌸🐇


      1. Thank you precious, I did manage to pick up the bunny mug 🐰🌸 and I decided to bake this delicious brownie which is a firm favourite of mine: https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/www.bbcgoodfood.com/recipes/3431/chocolate-brownie-cake%3famp. I definetely recommend trying it out! A highlight of my Easter is that I managed to pick up the Cath Kidston Provence Rose bedding in pink which I am so pleased about, I also chose some white scalloped pyjamas from John Lewis. Love Tilly 🎀🦢 xxx

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I’m glad you found the bunny mug! It’s very sweet isn’t it? I just can’t bare to put away all my lovely Easter decor 🌸🐇🌸& aw, I’m not actually a fan of brownies/chocolate! Macarons and sweet fruit tarts are probably my favourites ~ they’re so light and elegant 🍥🎀🍓& those items sound lovely! I have the Provence Rose bedding and its one of my favourites 🌷

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Aw thank you princess, macarons are one of my favourites too. Personally I don’t really like fruit tarts because of the syrup but everyone has different tastes! The bunny mug is one of my favourites (after my Cath Kidston botanical blooms mug 🌸). I am so pleased we will be twinning with bedding! 🎀🦢 love Tils xxx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You’re welcome sweetheart! That’s very true ~ as a little girl, Victoria sponge and strawberry fruit tart were my favourites! Now I prefer light, dainty treats like madeleines and macarons 🌸🍥🌸& I’m so happy you like the bunny mug and Cath Kidston bedding ~ I truly believe they make the best duvet covers 🌷🎀🐰


      1. I completely agree, I have slept so much better for some reason now that I have it – it’s my first Cath Kidston bedding set. I bought it on eBay as the prices for a bedding set are quite steep and I fell in love with the print! 🌸🌷

        Liked by 1 person

  3. I completely agree princess, I adore some of the previous prints which are so expensive second hand but on eBay or in charity shops they are great value 🌸🌷🌸xxx

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Yes, I have to do the same. There is an outlet store around half an hour from where I live which is lovely 🌸🌷🌸xxx

        Liked by 1 person

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