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Disney Daydreams ~ Whimsical Fairytale Wonders & Jewels ♡

“Once upon a time there was an elegant princess who lived in a grand castle situated inside a fantasy land. Her tower was adorned with rose buds which butterflies chose to rest upon in the sun kissed, balmy evenings. The lull of the hummingbird and elegant swans that lay on the nearby lake all existed in a state of harmony. The princess was fair of face and held herself with an ever glowing grace, clothed in a snowy white cape tied with a bow and a tulle ballerina dress. Her boudoir was filled with a pink chaise lounge where her kitten, Marie Therese, slumbered. Cascading over the four poster bed which was laden with ruffled bed linen and plush velvet pillows, was a fairy canopy. This was her retreat from the intrigue of the world and the place where she kept her most beloved treasures. A jewellery box sat on her vanity table and inside twirled a precious ballerina who performed to The Sleeping Beauty score. It was there where she kept her precious jewels locked away…”

Hello my frosted fairy princesses! Prepare to be whisked away to a world of whimsy and pixie dust…

Today I’m revealing the darling treasures I have collected over the past few months. I’m sure I’m not the only one who is drawn to sparkling and iridescent jewels. My heart glows when I encounter dainty gems and if they’re embellished with whimsical designs like magic gleaming mirrors, I’m completely smitten and cannot resist…

Disney always create charming pieces and most of the items I will be discussing are from their princess collection. I will also be featuring a few items which a princesses boudoir would be incomplete without. This includes a fairytale book and a dreamy vanity case to store your pretty powders and lavish lipsticks.

Pandora |Moments Silver Bracelet & Princess Aurora Dress Charm



I received this darling Pandora bracelet for my birthday last year and I’m still in love with it. April is my birthday month and I’m hoping to select a new charm for my bracelet (I’m heart-eyed over the ‘Sweet Cupcake’, ‘Pink Wonderful Love’, ‘Magnolia Bloom’, ‘Pink Butterflies’, ‘Pink Flower Sparkle’ and ‘Dumbo and Mrs Jumbo’ charms.) For now I have my elegant princess Aurora charm. Set in a sterling silver and fuchsia pink, this charm compliments my style perfectly and I feel like a princess whenever I wear it.

Shop Disney|Princess Aurora Charm Collection


Disney have recently released their own range of Pandora-inspired charms. They’re very affordable and when I saw they had created a set of Aurora charms for the 60th anniversary, I couldn’t leave them behind!


Inside you receive two pink beads and a heart-shaped pendant which features Aurora in her classic artwork. The pink diamanté is one of my favourite details!


Originally I was going to leave the charms in their pretty packaging but I wanted to see if they would fit my Pandora bracelet and I was so pleased to discover that they do!


They release a new set of charms each month which are dedicated to a different princess.


Shop Disney|Sleeping Beauty Glass Compact Mirror


There were so many delightful items in the 60th Anniversary Sleeping Beauty collection but unfortunately a few of the pieces I had hoped to buy were only available in the US.


However, I did manage to purchase this romantic glass compact mirror.



It is encased in a rose gold compact and adorned with an enameled cloisonné lid which is decorated with floral filigree, owl, and rabbit illustrations. Aurora is depicted on the centre of the lid and surrounded by pretty crystals.

Disney|Princess Gold Plated Magic Mirror Necklace


Continuing with the magic mirror theme is this sweet necklace I purchased from the Disney store in January.





I didn’t know that Disney had released a princess jewellery collection. When I spotted this dainty necklace in the sale I knew it had to come home with me! The gold plating is timelessly elegant and the mirror reminds me of Belle’s from Beauty and the Beast.

Treasure Cove Story|Sleeping Beauty and the Good Fairies


I’m always looking for enchanting books to display in my bedroom and this little Sleeping Beauty book is a gem! It’s presented in the sweetest shade of pink and the artwork of Aurora, Flora, Fauna and Merryweather reminds me of Mary Blair. I read the book last week and I thought I would share my thoughts with you. The sequel centres around the three good fairies and their preparations  for Aurora’s return to the castle after she has married Prince Philip. The story is very sweet and I mainly enjoyed this book for the beautiful artistry as opposed to the story. Every image is bright and colourful making it engaging for any younger children 🌸🌷🌸 I’m sure it would spark their imagination! ☁️💕🏰

Primark|Mary Poppins Vanity Case


‘Mary Poppins Returns’ was my favourite film from 2018 and when I saw Primark’s range of homeware I fell in love! I saw so many people post pictures of this pretty vanity case and I thought it would be the perfect place to store all my pretty polishes. It is set in a dusty pink colour, adorned with florals and dainty birds with the phrase “practically perfect in every way” printed in a golden cursive font.

I hope you enjoyed this post pretty petals! I would love to know if you have a favourite Disney princess and what your most treasured jewellery piece is? Mine would have to be my Tiffany & Co ‘Heart Locket’ and Ted Baker ballerina necklaces. P.S I can’t wait to share some Easter content with you all very soon so keep up to date on my blog and Instagram.

Lots of love,



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  1. I really enjoyed this post angel 🎀🐰🎀 all the items look so beautiful and dreamy, I am hoping to purchase that book. I can’t wait for more lovely posts sugarpie! 🌸🦢🌷xxx

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