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Once Upon A Dream ~ Sleeping Beauty 60th Anniversary ♡

I know you, I walked with you once upon a dream
I know you, that look in your eyes is so familiar a gleam
And I know it’s true that visions are seldom all they seem
But if I know you, I know what you’ll do
You’ll love me at once, the way you did once upon a dream…

Hello my frosted fairies! I hope you’re having a sparkly week. Today marks sixty years since the release of Sleeping Beauty. The film is one of my most-treasured Disney classics so I thought I would share why I adore the tale so much and reveal a few precious collectibles.


I remember the first time I saw Sleeping Beauty; it was such a special moment that I will always hold close to my heart…


I was five years old and a family friend brought the video for us to watch. I remember being in awe of the music, the bright colours and of course, princess Aurora.


Afterwards I was gifted with the classic Disney princess dresses but it was the Aurora and Belle ball gowns that I wore the most!


From Tchaikovsky’s whimsical score and the charm of the good fairies, to the magical tale and of course my angelic Aurora, there are so many elements which make the film a true delight and an enduring classic.


I recently discovered that Mary Costa, (the voice of Aurora) replies to her fan mail! I’m planning on purchasing a pretty stationery set (preferably embossed with roses) so that I can write a letter conveying how much Aurora means to me…

Here are a few reasons why I adore Aurora… ♡

Her penchant for pink ~ If you know me well you will also be aware of my passion for pink. I wear this colour everyday and I dream of owning a dress like Aurora’s!

Her affinity with nature ~ I love being close to animals and as a long-time vegetarian, I care deeply about animal welfare. The idyllic scenes which depict Briar Rose wandering through nature accompanied by the sweetest woodland animals is my idea of heaven…

Her imagination ~ the way she interacts with the bunnies, birds and owls is so sweet to watch and I also like to believe that animals are equal to humans. It is so important that we value and treasure them.

Her free-spirit ~ I love to be boundless in thought and motion and I guess you could say I’m a dreamer. Aurora embodies this throughout her entire being in the way that she dreams of her happy ending and thinks of brighter things in the face of adversity.




I adore the film score so much that it’s a dream of mine to see the Royal Ballet’s production of The Sleeping Beauty. Unfortunately, they’re not performing it this season but hopefully they will next year.

I am continually adding to my Sleeping Beauty collection but in anticipation for Disney’s 60th Anniversary range I thought I would share a few of the items they released in their Art of Aurora line.

The Art of Aurora range launched in 2016 and consists of stunning collectible items designed by Disney artists. Unfortunately, I was unable to purchase these products upon their release. However, I was lucky enough to find my Aurora mug on eBay a few weeks ago and my mum kindly surprised me with the lithograph set for Christmas.


The prints are presented in a pink envelope which is embossed with delicate gold roses. Inside you will find an assortment of five prints. Each photograph depicts Aurora in an array of whimsical settings.




My favourite print is the soft pink illustration; Aurora is dressed in her blue ball gown, surrounded by the three good fairies; Flora, Fauna and Merryweather.



The illustrations are printed onto premium quality card and inside each corner you will find Art of Aurora written in gold foil.


I’m also smitten with this warm pink print. Aurora is peacefully slumbering with her stunning red rose.


Sleeping Beauty fair. Gold of sunshine in your hair. Lips that shame the red, red rose. Dreaming of true love in slumber repose…


The lithographs are very rare and therefore difficult to find at an affordable price. I would recommend checking eBay as regularly as you can as there always seems to be a new listing!


At the moment the prints are tucked away inside the envelope; I would love to place them around my bedroom but I’m struggling to find a set of pretty pink frames. Please let me know if you know where I could purchase some.


I managed to find this darling Art of Aurora mug on eBay. Although it isn’t in perfect condition, I’m still extremely impressed with it as I purchased it for less than £5.00!




The illustration adorning the mug is so dreamy and matches the lithograph perfectly (pictured above.) Both present Briar Rose immersed in nature, surrounded by birds and bunnies. The handle of the mug is daintily carved and placed on top is a sweet little red bird.


Briar Rose means so much to me (fun fact: I currently have this name on my Twitter account and most people assume its my real name) and I’m currently displaying the mug on my chest of draws. I have decided that I don’t want to use the mug and instead I’m going to keep it as a collectors piece.


Finally, I thought I would mention this sweet eye mask which I received this Christmas.





The mask is made from a light pink satin material which feels like a fluffy cloud on my skin. Last night I fell asleep wearing it and I felt like princess Aurora!


I hope you enjoyed this Disney themed post angels! I already have my eye on the Art of Belle lithograph set. Please let me know in the comments section who your favourite Disney princess is and if Aurora is your favourite I’d love to know what your favourite dress is ~ pink or blue? I’m team pink!

Lots of love from




I wonder, I wonder
I wonder why each
Little bird has someone
To sing to sweet things to
A gay little love bird melody?
I wonder, I wonder
If my heart keeps singing
Will my song go winging
To someone who’ll find me
And bring back a love song to me?

2 thoughts on “Once Upon A Dream ~ Sleeping Beauty 60th Anniversary ♡”

  1. Such a dreamy post Sophie 👑 I adore the ‘Art of Aurora’ lithograph set, such pretty illustrations! 🎀 I have the ‘Art of Belle’ lithograph set which I still haven’t got around to framing yet either! 🥀💗 Aurora, Belle & Cinderella are my favourite princesses but of you’re probably already well aware of that by now! Definitely team pink for Aurora! 🌸

    Freya ~ http://www.freyasfairytale.co.uk


    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you my dearest Freya! I worked so hard on this blog post and I feel so passionate about Aurora and the film that I just had to write about it 🌸👸🏼🌸and omg the ‘Art of Belle’ lithographs look so dreamy! They’re my favourite princesses too (in that exact order 🙊💗) and Team Pink all the way 🎀


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