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Tied with a Ribbon ~ Christmas Wrapping Essentials ♡

Hello my snowy swans! As Christmas Day is only three dreams away, I thought I would share one of my favourite activities during the holiday season… gift-wrapping!


This month is filled with gifting treasures to those we love and I have been known to go all out when purchasing pretty wrapping supplies.


I could easily spend an entire afternoon dressing presents with snowflake wrapping paper, pink ribbons, satin bows and glittery gift tags whilst watching a cosy Christmas film.


The items which I have chosen this year are all my Christmas dreams tied with a bow.


As Kacey Musgraves says… “All I know is me without you is like a present without a bow…” ☁️🎀☁️

Clara’s Land of Wonder ~ ‘The Nutcracker’ Gift-Wrap ♡

As most of you will know, The Nutcracker is one of my favourite ballets and after seeing it at the theatre last week, I decided that my wrapping paper would follow an enchanting, Nutcracker theme.


Adorned with sparkling stars, ballerinas in blush pink tutus, rocking horses and mischievous mice… this wrapping paper is a delight!


There is so much detail displayed in every corner and the satin material feels so luxurious.

The gift-wrap also comes with a matching gift tag which depicts Clara elegantly positioned on pointe whilst caressing her darling Nutcracker.



Lily Summery prints everything professionally and each item can be personalised for you…


Sugar Plum Fairies, Graceful Ballerinas & Charming Nutcrackers ~ the Prettiest Gift Labels ♡

A beautifully wrapped gift wouldn’t be complete without a dainty gift tag and I fell in love with this set of personalised sticker labels from Lily Summery.


Each label is printed with your own special message which will help save so much time whilst wrapping gifts.


Presented in a cursive style they look very professional and polished. Each sticker has a unique illustration including…


A pink rocking horse, a white swan, an endearing nutcracker, Clara and the mouse king, ballerinas, the sugar-plum fairy and a frosted Christmas tree.


A Snowy Swan Card ♡

There were so many magical Christmas cards featured on the Lily Summery website that I had a tough time choosing my favourite. I was torn between the ‘Sugar Plum Fairy’ and the ‘Swan’ but I decided to purchase the swan card because it looked so wintry and ethereal.


The swan is nestled on a golden sleigh which is surrounded by a nutcracker doll, gifts and a ballerina. Scattered around this winter scene is a sprinkling of snowflakes and stars which add to the cards captivating quality.

This card transports you to a wondrous world of make-believe and the pale pink shade perfectly matches the wrapping paper.

Finishing Touches ~ Adding a bit of Sparkle


Embellishing your gift with a ribbon adds a special, personal touch. I decided to use my light pink satin ribbon because I love the way it looks alongside my pink ‘Nutcracker’ wrapping paper.


Satin Bows

If you struggle tying your ribbons neatly into bows, you could opt for a ready-made bow.


I originally purchased a set of six satin bows for my Christmas tree but as I had two left over I decided to use them on my presents.

They would look so sweet on the front of a wrapped gift, adding a cute and girly effect.



Who else adores confetti? Sprinkling my collection of iridescent, glimmering butterfly confetti has made me feel like a real-life fairy.


You could place your confetti inside a gift or leave some inside a card so that when someone opens it they are left with a magical surprise!



I hope this post has left with you with some inspiration for your Christmas wrapping! Remember to let me know in the comments section what type of gift-wrap you’re using this year 🌸☃️🌸

P.S what would you prefer to have on top of your present; a satin bow or a pink ribbon? ☁️🎀☁️

Lots of love




3 thoughts on “Tied with a Ribbon ~ Christmas Wrapping Essentials ♡”

  1. This post was as lovely as always Sophie! 💝 Wish that I could buy such pretty wrapping essentials over here! It’s difficult to choose if I rather have a bow or pink ribbon, I think that I would just pick both 🙈 (I mean, is there ever too much while wrapping gifts?).

    I’m curious to see your other upcoming festive content, I’d love to read it💖.

    xoxo Lesley

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Lesley! 💗 it took me a long time to find my perfect gift wrap & I couldn’t resist this Nutcracker themed set 🌸🍬🌸 & I totally agree! More bows & ribbons are always a good idea 🎀🙊


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