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Decorate With Me For Christmas ~ A Pink Winter Wonderland ♡

Hello my marzipan mice! December is on our doorstep and we are only 24 dreams away from Christmas Day. To welcome in the season, I have decided to light my ‘Snowflake Cookie’ Yankee Candle; it has a sugary sweet icing aroma and leaves my bedroom smelling like a bakery 💗🍪❄️ and later this evening I am going to watch ‘Barbie in the Nutcracker.’

Be prepared to be whisked away into a pink winter wonderland… ♡


Decorating for Christmas is something I look forward to all year and over the past few months I have been collecting an abundance of charming ornaments and treasures to adorn my tree with.


Last weekend, exactly a month before Christmas Eve, I decided to put up my glistening, white Christmas tree and transform my room into a dreamy scene from the Nutcracker. This year I have embellished my tree with elegant ballerinas, pretty pointe shoes, sweet treats, fairytale baubles and shimmering ice skates.


I have curated a step-by-step guide on how to have a wondrous day filled with decorating and a relaxing evening of pampering.


P.S make sure to snuggle up with a gingerbread latte in your favourite mug and bundle up underneath your fluffiest throw; a land of star dust and snowflakes awaits you…





Finding Your Dream Tree ♡


I find that when you are happy with your choice of tree, everything falls into place. Last year I purchased my tree from Debenhams; it is only 3ft tall but this is the perfect size for my room. Make sure to measure the space where you’ve chosen to place your tree so that you can achieve an ideal fit. Next you must select your tree’s colour; instead of the classic fern green, I decided to go for a tree with white branches and flecks of glitter. I adore this detailing as it adds a dreamy, romantic touch. If you’re feeling even more girly, you could opt for a pink tree ~ I have a few of my favourite trees listed below.

♡ White tree 6ft or 3ft  ♡ Pink tree  ♡ Large classic tree (my dream tree)

Selecting A Theme ~ The Nutcracker: Land of Sweets


Choosing a theme for your tree isn’t a necessity but I think it helps tie everything together. Whether you decide to follow a traditional theme of red, green and gold or, my chosen combination of white, pink, and rose gold, remember to make it your own!


My ornaments match the colour scheme wonderfully and I have decided to follow a style inspired by the ‘Land of Sweets’ from the Nutcracker ballet; nestled on the branches of my tree I have an arrangement of graceful ballerinas, dainty mice, scrumptious sweets, and satin bows!

Collecting Baubles and Ornaments♡



Choosing a specific colour theme and type of decoration makes shopping so much easier. During trips to Homesense and Tk Maxx I knew exactly what I was looking for and when I managed to spot items that fit my theme, I immediately added them to my basket. Remember to purchase those special items when you first see them as waiting around will probably lead to disappointment later on!


Nevertheless, I must warn that before you begin collecting baubles and decorations, you should check how many you need for your tree.


As my tree is fairly dinky, I knew that I didn’t need to go overboard with new ornaments, otherwise I wouldn’t be able to fit them all!

Play Your Favourite Christmas Music ♡ 

Before commencing your day of decorating, make sure to create a relaxed atmosphere with a beautiful playlist. I opted for Tchaicovsky’s Nutcracker from my ‘Winter Ballerina’ playlist. I also love listening to my ‘Christmas Wishes’ playlist. Doing this makes the process of decorating so cheerful and festive.

Assemble the Tree ♡


Once you have everything ready to go, you can start assembling your tree. I found this to be a simple process as it only entailed fitting the feet of the tree to the base. Check that you have all your branches facing outward; you may need to leave the tree for a few minutes to rest in position before adding your ornaments.

Add Some Light ♡


Lights are so important and I like to add mine at the start as I find it quite stressful adding them after the decorations. This year I am using a set of miniature rose gold hearts with white lights. I adore this set because they look like individual heart baubles. Nevertheless, if you don’t want to use this style, you can keep it simple with some dainty fairy lights to add a subtle sparkle.

Adorn with Dainty Decorations ♡


Now you can begin adding all your sparkly baubles and decorations!



I always start small and place my dainty ornaments, such as the ballerina mouse, pointe shoes and dancing ballerinas, at the front.



I then like to add the larger ornaments such as the pink poodle, glittery couture dress, and Cinderella-style church bell, around the sides of the tree.



Make sure to place your ornaments evenly around the tree so that everything is balanced.





Assemble Your Other Christmas Ornaments ♡


I love adding a few extra ornaments to my room and this year I finally found my dream Nutcracker… 🌸🍬🌸


I have been on the lookout for an affordable pink Nutcracker for such a long time and I’m so happy to finally own one.



My pink, glittery fawn is from Paperchase and I purchased it last Christmas. Anyone who knows me well will be aware of my love for fawns and I think she fits perfectly inside my winter wonderland!


I also love placing wintry scents around my room and alongside my beloved ‘Snowflake Cookie’ candle, I am currently using the ‘Winter’ candle from the White Company.

Decorate Your Walls With Pretty Illustrations 


As I updated my bedrooms decor for Christmas, I felt the urge to change the art work on my walls to match my pink winter wonderland.


Firstly I decided to add a set of four Barbie illustrations above my tree. I adore these beautiful sketches by Robert Best; they’re effortlessly chic and girly and I’m hoping to frame them soon. Alongside them I have placed my dainty ballerina print which I received for my 20th birthday; I think it looks perfect next to the Barbie drawings.








A Dreamy Pamper Evening 

Once you are content with the way everything looks, you can relax by your twinkling tree and have a little pamper evening.


I like to begin by lighting my ‘Winter’ candle from The White Company. The notes of cinnamon, clove and spiced orange are so warm and festive. After lighting my candle, I will myself a cup of tea and put on my fluffiest slippers. I adore this set from The White Company. Then, once I’m feeling as cosy as possible, I’ll watch a classic Christmas film. Last week I decided to watch Miracle on 34th Street, which is one of my favourites and I followed this with a bath filled with the fluffiest bubbles…


I really hope you enjoyed reading this blog post my frosted ginger cupcakes! Please let me know what your favourite ornament from this post is and whether you have started decorating for Christmas! 🌸🎄🌸 If so, I would love to see photos of your trees decorated! Please remember to send me a picture of your creations (my Instagram and Twitter accounts are @xxsophiebeth)

P.S I should have my first Christmas themed recipe up on my blog next Sunday 🎀☃️🍰

I’m wishing you a week filled with sugar dusted mince pies and marzipan truffles! 🌨🍥🌸



3 thoughts on “Decorate With Me For Christmas ~ A Pink Winter Wonderland ♡”

  1. This looks absolutely stunning Sophie! I just finished writing about how I decorated as well, which I will post next week. This really is the best time of the year, isn’t it? 🎄 Have a nice weekend! 😘

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Lesley! I worked so hard on it so your feedback and support means a lot to me… 🙈🎀I’m looking forward to your blog post 🌸🎄have a whimsical weekend filled with sugar cookies and marshmallow hot chocolates! ☁️💕☃️🍥☕️


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