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Raspberry and Marshmallow Cheesecake ♡

Hello my frosted fairies! This Sunday’s recipe is a wintry themed dessert. My raspberry and marshmallow cheesecake reminds me of fluffy clouds and hills covered with white marzipan and hidden underneath you will find a set of sweet raspberry jewels.


This treat won’t warm you up on an icy evening but it will provide you with sweet dreams of the winter wonderland to come; this means…


Blankets of snow coating every street, the sweet scents of cinnamon and ginger whirling around your kitchen, watching The Nutcracker ballet at the theatre, twirling in a star dust embellished tulle dress, ice-skating in your pink fluffy ear muffs and woollen mittens, bubble baths filled with sugar cookie scented bath bombs, hot chocolates adorned with soft marshmallows and writing your Christmas list whilst watching classic winter films. Anyhow, I’m starting to get carried away…


This cake requires minimal fuss but as it needs to be left in the fridge overnight, it’s a good idea to make it in advance!


The original recipe is from the BBC but I modified the ingredients ever so slightly by swapping strawberries for raspberries. However, you may use whichever fruit you desire! The dessert is pretty-in-pink and would look elegant and cute at any celebration.





For the cheesecake:

4 sheets gelatine

500g raspberries, plus a few extra ones

100ml milk

250g ricotta

140g caster sugar

300ml double cream

50g mini marshmallows (pink and white)

icing sugar, for dusting

For the shortbread base:

175g cold butter

200g plain flour

85g caster sugar


For the shortbread base:

  1. Pre-heat the oven to 160°c. Rub the butter into the flour and sugar until the mixture forms a sticky dough. You can do this by hand or with a food processor.
  2. Press evenly into the base of a non-stick 26cm springform tin and smooth with the back of a metal spoon.
  3. Place in the oven for 25-30 minutes until pale golden.
  4. Leave to cool, then carefully oil the sides of the tin using kitchen paper.

For the raspberry and marshmallow filling:

  1. Soak the gelatine in cold water for a few minutes to soften.
  2. Meanwhile, purée the raspberries in a food processor or a hand blender until very smooth, then rub through a sieve to remove all the seeds.
  3. Pour the milk into a small pan and warm gently.
  4. Squeeze the gelatine of excess water and add to the milk, then remove from the heat and stir to dissolve.
  5. Stir the raspberry purée, gelatine mixture, ricotta, and sugar together until smooth.
  6. In a separate bowl, whisk the cream until it softly holds its shape, then fold into the strawberry mixture with a few of the marshmallows.
  7. Carefully pour the mixture onto the cooled base and scatter the remaining marshmallows.
  8. Cover the tin with cling film and chill until firm, preferably overnight.
  9. Carefully remove the cheesecake from the tin.
  10. Decorate with a few strawberries and a dusting of icing sugar.

Here are a few more pictures of the end result! ♡







I really hope you enjoyed this post my snow angels! Please let me know in the comments section what your favourite thing about winter is… 🌸🍥🎀❄️

If you decide to try out this recipe, please remember to send me a picture of your creations (my Instagram and Twitter accounts are @xxsophiebeth)

I’m sending lots of love to you all and I hope you have a whimsical week filled with marzipan truffles and gingerbread cupcakes ☁️💗🍬🍰




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