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January Favourites ♡

Hello my frosted fairies! It feels as though I haven’t written a blog post for quite some time. The response I received from my last post was so encouraging and delightful. I want to thank anyone who took time out of their day to read it as it means the world to me. Anyway, now that January has come to an end, we can look to the month of February as a fresh start. I can’t wait to bake an array of Valentine’s Day treats over the next two weeks. I have a few recipes in the works and I will be sharing them very soon. I think I’ve always been a hopeless romantic. You will find me spending my Valentine’s Day curled up watching The Notebook with a cup of tea and pampering myself with a selection of LUSH treats. IMG_9444Choosing my favourite products was quite a difficult task as I tried out an assortment of new things over the past month. Many of these items were either Christmas gifts or purchased as little New Year pick-me-ups.IMG_9447♡ ♡ ♡IMG_9456My first monthly favourite is the Garnier Ultimate Blends, ‘Delicate Oat’ range. For the past few years I have religiously repurchased the Aussie hair care ranges. Nevertheless, last month I spontaneously purchased this collection as I wanted to test out something different. Admittedly, I was initially drawn toward these products because of their pearly pink and white packaging. However, after using the shampoo and conditioner  for the past 6-8 weeks, I am thoroughly impressed. The combination of rice cream and oat milk leaves my hair feeling silky, shiny and nourished! The range isn’t too pricey either which is always a bonus in my books! They are a saviour for any dry scalp sufferers out there and the oat milk helps to strengthen fragile hair.IMG_9460The next few items featured are from the beloved Dior. I used to be a YSL girl when it came to make-up and a Chanel girl when it came to fragrances. Yet over the past few months I have found myself reaching for Dior’s treasures. The first product I’d like to discuss is the Miss Dior Eau De Parfum in ‘Absolutely Blooming.’ For years I have been lusting after a Miss Dior fragrance. I adore the adverts featuring Natalie Portman, as she glides around in the most divine gowns from Dior Haute Couture.

Last summer my dad came to visit me in the hospital carrying a large Dior bag. I was so shocked and overwhelmed, I couldn’t believe it. Both the bag and box were delicately tied with a white Dior ribbon and I really did feel like a Parisian princess, even if it was for a few minutes. The box was imbued with the ‘Absolutely Blooming’ scent and it is one of those aromas that stays with me always. The Christian Dior website describes the perfume as “an irresistible, endlessly indulgent floral treat”, with “notes of sour red berries” which are “embroidered over an accord of fresh peonies. Exalted by a sublime duo of Grasse and Damascus roses, this infinite blooming of fresh flowers is strengthened by a white musk base.”IMG_9463You can certainly register this enriching berry burst. Yet despite its sweetness, the fragrance is subdued by the layering of peonies, causing the perfume to delicately caress the skin. The product itself has now replaced Coco Mademoiselle as my everyday scent. My second Dior favourite has to be the Dior Milky Tint in the shade ‘Milky Pearl.’ Since receiving this as a Christmas present, I have been using it constantly. With a creamy texture, this lip tint applies like a milky dream; it is described as a fluid formula that  “plunges the lips into a refreshing bath of softness and moisture.” It can be worn alone, providing the lips with a glossy sheen. Simultaneously it can go over a nude lipstick. I personally love pairing it with MAC’s ‘Angel’ lipstick as it makes me feel like an angelic fairy!

Finally, one of my most recent purchases from Dior is the Capture Totale, DreamSkin 1-Minute Mask. As an extremely luxurious product, this mask aims to give the face a “new-skin” effect. I first saw the item on some of my favourite Instagram accounts and I was immediately intrigued by it. When I received a small sample in a magazine I couldn’t wait to test it out. It has a gel-like texture with a pink, glittery appearance. Using a small amount you can massage the product into the skin, which creates a foamy consistency. Once you have done this, you leave it on for a minute and then proceed to wash it off. When I had done this, I noticed so many changes in the texture of my skin; it was soft and no longer rough. Although I suffer from very dry skin, I would recommend this mask to any skin type and especially to those who don’t always have the time to sit down and do an intensive skin care regime. P.S the packaging, like many Dior products, is elegant, pink and fit for a princess! IMG_9462My next favourite is also a recent purchase. The Guerlain Météorites Birthday Candle Pearls have been on my beauty wish list for the past year. The packaging is so Parisian, dainty and completely irresistible. They look perfect on my vanity and they make me feel like a real life Marie Antoinette. Guerlain products never fail to impress with their lavish and ornate decorations; encasing the decadent tin, you will find a selection of multi-coloured powder pearls which have a violet fragrance (and remind me of one of my favourite childhood sweets, Parma Violets.) It is said that the Météorites themselves hold the secret to star-dust technology, “a light-creating polymer, which transforms light invisible to the naked eye into a pure and endless glow on the skin.” The dust from the pearls, once applied to the skin, glisten and sparkle like Tinkerbell’s wings. The pearls have corrective qualities which can help to subdue the skins imperfections; yellow to counteract redness, pink for freshness and mauve to catch the light. I love to apply this product to the tops of my cheek bones for an instant, angelic radiance and a healthy glow.IMG_9465For the past few years I have lusted over the seasonal candles released by The White Company; they look so chic and classic resting on top of a neat vanity. In December I noticed that their candles had been reduced in price and I instantly added one to my shopping basket. The ‘Winter’ candle epitomises all my favourite Christmas fragrances. The website describes the scent as “warm, spicy.” I certainly agree with this, as the notes of cinnamon, clove and orange remind me of ginger cookies and chai tea!

A few months ago, I had never tried a skin care product from Philosophy, and had only ever purchased one of their perfumes (Amazing Grace: Nutcracker Edition) Nevertheless, at the start of December I ran out of my beloved Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish and I had read a couple of reviews on the ‘Purity’ cleanser so I thought I would test it out. For this reason, I decided to only purchase the 90ml bottle. Like most of Philosophy’s products, the cleanser is 3-in-1. Although the full bottle is quite pricey, you can use it as a cleanser, toner and a make-up remover. It is designed for sensitive skin in particular and I have found that it helps calm my red and reactive skin. Once I use the product my skin feels squeaky clean yet moisture still remains on the surface and only a very small amount of product is required for it to work its magic!


Aside from Ted Baker, Kate Spade is definitely my favourite clothing brand. All their pieces incorporate the shades, styles and patterns that I adore; pastels, tweed, bows, tulle and bunny designs are in abundance! Anyway, I had to sneak in this cute pair of ‘Rose Dew’ (how sweet is that shade name?) bow gloves. I purchased them in the January sales to match my bow scarf. I love pairing them with my Miss Selfridge Dolly Coat as they make me feel like a pink, fluffy marshmallow.

Film Favourite: 

Jackie (2016)

I have been fascinated by the Kennedy’s for quite a few years now. I think many people are always intrigued by a tragedy and the assassination of JFK in 1963 was no exception. Jackie Kennedy’s air of grace and poise following the death of her husband is, to this day, admirable. Refusing to change out of her pink co-ord, covered in her husbands blood, she faced a world of uncertainty but carried with her a strength and resilience that still shines through today. The film Jackie stars Natalie Portman as Mrs Kennedy and chiefly revolves around the assassination and its aftermath. I had been hoping to have a glimpse into the life of Jackie before she became America’s First Lady.

Nevertheless, I was blown away by Portman’s likeness to Jackie, the sets/costume design and by the rawness of emotion that she managed to portray. You didn’t feel pity for a feeble widower. Instead you experienced the powerful presence of a woman who has to stand alone and face the world.

“Don’t ever let it be forgot, that once there was a spot, for one brief shining moment that was Camelot.”

TV Favourite:

The Crown, Season 2

When I finished season 1 of The Crown I was instantly anticipating its return. I was so elated when I saw that the second season had been added to Netflix. Yet as there are only ten episodes per season, I decided to watch them throughout December and January. Upon reflection, I have to admit that I prefer the second season to the first. I found that woven within the story line of the second season there was a vulnerability to the monarchy, and more specifically, Elizabeth and Philip’s union. It reminded me of their limited choice, the rules they must abide by and how that can put a strain on any relationship. It also delved deeper into the hidden traumas and difficulties engulfing the history of the Royal Family. (Many of the scenes depicting Prince Philip’s childhood in the episode ‘Paterfamilias’ were heartbreaking) I would definitely recommend this series to anyone who adores the Royals but also for anyone who is critical of them, it may show you a side to the monarchy that you never appreciated before.

My Favourite Moments:

The Audrey Cake

When I posted my rendition of Audrey Hepburn’s chocolate cake, I never anticipated the overwhelmingly positive response I received. Me and my mum had to make the cake three times before we managed to get the right consistency. Nevertheless, what made the entire process worth it was the recognition from Audrey’s son, Luca Dotti. He liked my tweet to the post which has to be my favourite moment of this year so far. It made me feel even closer to Audrey and I still can’t believe it happened!

Chanel Haute Couture SS18

Browsing the Paris Fashion Week collections has to be a highlight of January. The Chanel Haute Couture show was definitely my favourite as it encapsulated everything I adore; pastel shades, tweed co-ord sets, tulle dresses and crystal encrusted, miniature veils.

The set design for the show was an idyllic french garden, adorned with rose threaded pergolas; hinting towards the lavish gardens of Versailles. I think my favourite piece would have to be the dress featured below, as it reminds me of one of my all-time favourite Audrey looks!

I hope you enjoyed this post and feel inspired to try out some of my top picks for January. Later this week I will be uploading a baking post, so make sure to be on the lookout for that!





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  1. I adore this post Sophie 👩🏼🌸 You have mentioned some of my favourite items and as always your writing is so personable, I love it 💞☁️💫

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