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A Baker’s Wishlist ♡

Hello my frosted fairies! If you know me well or follow any of my social media platforms, you will soon come to realise that my obsession with florals and pastels extends from clothes and shoes to baking supplies. When I’m not busy baking, blogging or reading, you can find me trawling through Pinterest and the Cath Kidston website, trying to find the most darling bakewares that I can get my hands on. Screen Shot 2017-11-11 at 19.12.36
  1. Kitchen Aid|Mini Stand Mixer 
  2. Bombay Duck|Belle Two Tier Cake Stands 
  3. Just Contempo|Pastel Measuring Cups 
  4. La Petite Rose|Recipe Tin 
  5. Cath Kidston|Tinkerbell Posy Apron
  6. Cath Kidston|Highgate Rose Weighing Scale
  7. Kitchen Craft|Mini Silicone Spatula Set
  8. Mason Cash|Hearts Mixing Bowl 
  9. Miss Etoile|Bubblegum Treat Candle 
  10. Miss Etoile|Eyes Open Mug 
For today’s post, I decided to sift through my unending wish list of adorable homeware and (with much difficulty) select my top ten pieces. An item which I had to include at the top of this list is the Kitchen Aid mixer in pastel pink (aka the epitome of my baking daydreams) I have been lusting after one of these mixers for a few years and every time I watch an episode of the Great British Bake Off and I see them gleam in their candy colours, my love is immediately reignited. I’ve also been wanting a cute set of pastel measuring cups as I find that many of the recipes I want to use have American measurements. My Magnolia Bakery cookbook is filled from page to page with delightful, dainty cupcakes and elegant cakes and these measuring cups would make baking them so much quicker! Recently, my dad kindly purchased a lovely floral and strawberry print apron for me to do my baking in. Nevertheless, ever since I picked up a few items from the ‘PeterPanXCathKidston’ range a few weeks ago, I have regretted not purchasing this Tinkerbell Posy print apron. It is the definition of my blogs aesthetic and encapsulates all things ethereal and magical! Now, these two products don’t necessarily slot into the baking theme of this post, but I think that this relaxing, scented candle is a necessity whilst baking some scrumptious treats! (especially when it smells of bubblegum) Similarly, a baker must always be fuelled with copious cups of tea whilst she or he concocts! This charming mug from Miss Etoile is perfect for a little mid-afternoon pick me up! I hope that this post provides you with inspiration for any future baking purchases you might want to make or any Christmas wish list ideas! Make sure to leave a comment below detailing any of your favourite items from this collage. I hope you have a sparkling week filled with rainbows and sugar cookies! ✨

2 thoughts on “A Baker’s Wishlist ♡”

  1. Ah I adore cute baking supplies! I actually have those pastel measuring cups and love them. I am forever dreaming of getting a pink Kitchen Aid mixer, hopefully one day🙈🎂🎀✨

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