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Baking and Crafts Haul ♡ Fawns, Sprinkles and Bows Galore!

Hello my frosted fairies! I hope you are all doing well. Firstly, I want to thank everyone for the kind messages I received on my Twitter and Instagram accounts in response to my first official baking post. I was unbelievably nervous about the entire process but every single message of encouragement and support was like a beaming ray of sunshine. I haven’t had the chance to bake this week but I have three Halloween-themed bakes planned for next week so keep your eyes peeled for that!

Aside from baking, my other major love in life is shopping. Earlier this week me and my mum took a trip to Hobbycraft (aka heaven for those who love crafting, creating and baking!) and I was completely spoilt for choice. Upon entering the store I had immediately metamorphosed into a five-year-old child, mesmerised by the wonders found in a fantastical sweet shop. I couldn’t decide what I wanted (or needed…) to buy because of the overwhelming variety of items (I often get a similar feeling whilst shopping in LUSH. I mean, how many bath bombs is too many?)

Suffice it to say, I didn’t manage to stick to my shopping list which consisted of Halloween cake decorations. I have to admit that their Halloween baking section was pretty disappointing. Nevertheless, I did buy some baking pieces and things for decorating my scrapbook with and a new sewing project to work on!

I asked in a poll on Twitter if anyone would be interested in seeing my purchases and the majority of you said ‘Yes’. I hope that this post provides you with some inspiration for any craft or baking projects you may want to start. As always, make sure that you grab a soothing cuppa in your favourite mug (mine has to be my Beauty and the Beast ‘Chip’ mug) and maybe a gooey, sparkling millionaires shortbread for that extra slice of magic. Now sit back and enjoy! ♡

FullSizeRender (4)
Here’s a little snippet of all the pieces I picked up this week. Obviously everything had to be pastel and floral ♡

FullSizeRender (12)

It seems only fitting to discuss the baking products I picked up from Hobbycraft first. I was a little dizzy from gazing at the adorable cake decorations and had to refrain from buying everything in sight; I was frugal and stuck to four items. The first two are an adorable set of sprinkles from the Cake Angels range. I’ve heard and seen so much of this brand on my Instagram feed that I couldn’t help picking up a few products. The two themes of sprinkles I selected were Pretty ‘N’ Pink which I think will look so magical on dainty fairy cakes and light, pastel sponges in springtime. The second jar of sprinkles is a Winter Wonderlandtheme. Anyone who knows me well will also be aware of my undying love for Christmas and in particular, gingerbread. When I saw the mini gingerbread sprinkles there was no way I could put them down. I can imagine making gingerbread cupcakes set with a creamy cinnamon frosting and an added helping of these sprinkles in the winter months.

The next item I purchased was a set of delicate rose cake decorations. I know that autumn and winter aren’t necessarily the months to embrace florals but I am a spring baby at heart. Although I love Christmas, spring is my favourite season and I can’t wait until Easter when I can make pastel sugar cookies and mini egg nests adorned with these dainty roses. I was also in dire need of new icing nozzles. I have yet to trial this set from Wilton but I will definitely report back to you my thoughts when I’ve tested them.

FullSizeRender (13)

If you need to find pretty scrapbook supplies, Hobbycraft is the place to be. I was taken aback by the array of products and had to stop myself from buying ridiculous amounts of candy coloured stickers and ribbons! Nevertheless, I couldn’t leave without this set of pale pink bow stickers and also these macaron and teacup stickers~ they epitomise all my Parisienne daydreams; sat in Ladurée, clothed in a chic Blair Waldorf inspired ensemble, sipping Marie Antoinette tea whilst trying as many delectable fairy treats as possible! I also couldn’t leave behind this cute, pink washi tape to use on my scrapbook pictures and a roll of satin ribbon,embellished with the sweetest Peter Rabbit-inspired bunny print!

I can’t not mention this charming fawn mug. Very fitting with the cosy, kitsch themes of the post, this mug reminded me not only of Christmas but a Cath Kidston collection from 2013. The main feature of the range was an ethereal, angelic fawn in a snowy winter wonderland.
deer-one1Sadly, I never managed to get my hands on any of the lovely pieces (Admittedly I’m still lusting over the fawn mug, stocking and apron…) Cath Kidston please do a revival of this print…pretty please with a glacé cherry on top?

Anyway, when I laid my beaming eyes on this mug in Asda and read that it was only £3.50 I just couldn’t leave it. I am a self-confessed deer fanatic (which I have already revealed in my About Me page) so you can pretty much guarantee that if it has a deer on it…I’m going to buy it (and I may have just purchased the matching duvet cover) I’m pretty much counting down the days until the festive period begins!

FullSizeRender (25)

The final piece I purchased was this winsome Ragdoll Bunny Kit. Yes, I am nineteen years old but when I saw this kit, my dinky five-year old self did a leap in her ballet slippers and couldn’t let go. I became attached to it almost as much as I was infatuated by jelly tots and magic stars as a child. Also, when I saw this bunny it automatically reminded me of the sweet Maileg bunny dolls. I mean, she even comes with her own set of outfits – how could I say no? There were other intriguing projects from the Kirstie Allsopp crafts range; from candle making to bath bomb kits. I will definitely be taking another trip to Hobbycraft once I’ve finished making this bunny!

That’s all from me this week folks. I really hope you enjoyed this post and if you did, please let me know by planting a little comment below.

P.S remember to check my blog next week for a Halloween baking post featuring copious amounts of pumpkin, cinnamon and chocolate! I hope that the rest of your day is sparkly and filled with strawberry tarts and sunshine! ♡


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